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Independent Music

Independent Music

A hub page for bands and artists in the independent music scene, here on Songstuff. This page pulls together a number of resources and highlights independent music artists.

Music Industry

Music Industry

The music industry is ever evolving. It is never in one form for too long. As a creative industry the artform is ever evolving, but so is the business side of things. The trick is to keep up with trends and eventually, hopefully, you will begin to spot trends before they happen. Keep up with the music industry evolution here at Songstuff.

Music Business

Music Business

The music business is known for being hard to safely navigate. A cut-throat world full of sharks looking for the unwary to exploit until they are bled dry. It’s a world of business. The truth is, you need to be well armed with knowledge if you hope to protect your interests.

Spending the day at home Songwriting


Songwriting. The combination of lyric writing and music composition. A song is so much more than adding lyrics to music, or the other way around. It’s one of those scenarios that is the definition of the phrase “The whole is greater than the sum of the parts”.

Vocals - Woman Singing


Vocals are the go-to front piece of a modern band and the essential part of the standalone artist. Stating the obvious, the voice is one of the main instruments in modern music. Hardly surprising. It has a very special role. Uniquely amongst all instruments it has the sole responsibility of actually embodying the song. It is the only musical part to represent both aspects of a song, both melody AND words, within the same instrument.

Musical Instruments

Musical Instruments

Songstuff provides information about a number of musical instruments. Each area is a hub dedicated to a specific musical instrument.

Recording and Music Production

Recording and Production

Music technology is the essential thread in recording and music production, running through modern studios, keyboards, synths, samplers and FX.

Become A Contributor To The Songstuff Music Library

Contributors Wanted

Are you a skilled with synthesisers and other MIDI instruments and gear? Would you be interested in helping your fellow MIDI enthusiasts to build their skills and understanding by contributing demonstration videos, articles and tutorials to the Songstuff music library? We rely upon musicians, and people working within the music industry, being willing to contribute to our knowledge base.

As well as contributions to our music library, we feature contributions in our site blogs and social media portals. In particular, we add video contributions to the Songstuff Channel on YouTube.

Please contact us and we can explore the possibility of you joining our contributors asap.

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