Songstuff Community Featured Artist Playlist

Songstuff Community Featured Artists Playlist

Home Songstuff Community Featured Artist Playlist: Discover Hidden Treasures If you’re a music lover in search of fresh, creative talent that flies under the radar, look no further than the Songstuff YouTube channel. Songstuff, a thriving community of musicians, songwriters, and music enthusiasts, offers a playlist that showcases its members’ artistic creations. This carefully curated […]

The Feels Express Diaries:- Kochi

Alvin Presley. Sidarth Bendi and Mahesh Raghunandan

A tour is one of the most romanticised things about an artist’s life in popular culture. The chance to be on the road alongside other artists and meet new people every day through the music. But at the same time primarily due to the flaky and sometimes ridiculous nature of this business it is a […]

Develop Your Skills – Use Song Critique

Girl listening to music on a computer

Critique As A Discussion Critique is much more than an opinion. It is supposed to be a discussion. A joint exploration of why a song (or any other creative) works and why it doesn’t work. This can reveal or clarify to writers, artists or producers why they do something in a particular way, and that […]

Müesk – Midnight On A Digital Sea

Muesk - Midnight On A Digital Sea

Müesk is an exceptional American electronic music artist creating masterpieces somewhere between ambient and avant-garde. Publishing under his real name, Steve Mueske, he is also a respected poet.   Originally a guitarist in the progressive metal scene, Steve reinvented himself musically after grad school in 2002 diving into the world of electronic composition.   Steve’s […]

Maggie Pope

Maggie Pope playing guitar

American folk sing-songwriter Maggie Pope is a very worthy Featured Artist on Songstuff. This month she releases her debut single, Rare & Wild, taken from her upcoming E.P., “June Tapes” which is due out in February 2019. Look out for our upcoming interview with Maggie! Links Facebook facebook.com/themaggerspope Twitter twitter.com/themaggerspope Website www.maggiepope.com

Dave Bradley

Dave Bradley

Dave Bradley is a science journalist by day, but by night he’s Cambridge’s most wannabe singer-songwriter rockstar. Dave has played guitar for four decades or thereabouts and writes and performs acoustic and electric in a range of styles and has been likened to a range of artists, including Glenn Tilbrook, David Bowie and James Taylor, […]

Mahesh Raghunandan

Mahesh Raghunandan

Mahesh Raghunandan is a trending, up and coming singer-songwriter and musician from Bangalore, India. His vibrant music combines indie folk, folk rock, pop rock and soul along with a hint of blues. Mahesh has a number of influences. They include artists ranging from Ray Charles, Stevie Wonder, and Frank Sinatra all the way through to […]