Vocals are the go-to front piece of a modern band and the essential part of the standalone artist. Stating the obvious, the voice is one of the main instruments in modern music. Hardly surprising. It has a very special role. Uniquely amongst all instruments it has the sole responsibility of actually embodying  the song. It is the only musical part to represent both aspects of a song, both melody AND words, within the same instrument.

It is something we don’t appreciate enough. Ok, we might not all be the best of singers, but almost all of us has a voice. Sometimes we just need to find it. Songs are accessible to us all.

Here at Songstuff we are lucky to have a brilliant, ground breaking vocal coach, Mahesh Raghunandan, as a member of staff. Mahesh is busy setting up the Songstuff Vocal Coaching Academy (SVCA). He’ll be teaching his own “Rewire The Voice” vocal technique for singers.

Rewire The Voice combines the best of a number of approaches to singing with the result boosting application of mindfulness. Study after study shows the benefits of mindfulness to the health of body and mind, and now the benefits to education, and especially when learning a musical instrument, dance, or sports. The heightened level of awareness, where learning to better observe and listen to your body highly boosts your ability to learn and retain. It’s a game changer.

The SVCA will teach singing mainly using video courses, and workshops.

You will not be able to learn Rewire The Voice anywhere else, so watch this space!

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We are growing a collection of resources for singers. So, let’s get started with some articles featured below:

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