Songwriting. The combination of lyric writing and music composition. A song is so much more than adding lyrics to music, or the other way around. It’s one of those scenarios that is the definition of the phrase “The whole is greater than the sum of the parts”. 

Writing a song is an art in itself. The words and music work together, creating something so much more than either words and music would be alone. Together, words and music can take on new meanings, new depths of meanings than either would on it’s own.

Writing lyrics is not the same as writing poems. They have a significant overlap, but songwriting has some unique guidelines, and unique aspects that mean that poets will have some learning to do to become a good lyricist. Lyricists and composers have some work to do to produce a finished song.

Our articles and tutorials are here to help you on your journey, to aid your development as a songwriter. Add in our songwriting discussion board and our lyrics critique and song critique board to help you to write at your best. Combined, our articles and tutorials with our music community provide a huge advantage.

There is no need for songwriters to hide away. There is no need to be isolated. Let interaction with a broader music community help you to develop your skills faster, broader and in more depth. Your music, our mission. Bring your skills and let us help you to shine.

Members of our Music Community have free access to a number of songwriter tools!

Songwriting Articles and Tutorials

We are growing a collection of resources for songwriters, lyricists and composers. So, let’s get started with some articles featured below:

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