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The “About” page gives a brief overview of Songstuff in the “Description” section. It covers the site, the community and common activities. The “Background” section describes how Songstuff got started.



We currently run as a free site, offering a load of free content for non-members and even more free content for members. We support this with advertising and donations.


Articles And Interviews

Our music articles are dedicated to helping musicians, songwriters and lyricists with all aspects of their musical career. As a musician’s resource, we offer help with writing songs and music, and with helping songwriters exchange ideas with their fellow musicians, songwriters and lyric writers.

Feed Your Head - Music Glossary


Find the meanings for a MASSIVE 600+ music and music related terms and concepts in this broad-ranging music industry reference. As a result, this glossary of more than 620 terms covers a large diversity of Music related terminology. You will find terms for the Music Business, Music Technology, Music Theory, alongside Music Law, Acoustics, and Electronics. The Songstuff Music Glossary is a dynamic and ever-growing collection. Everything from Absorption to Zero Level.

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Store offering Songstuff products, including ads, courses, 1 to 1 lessons and more.

Songstuff Community Featured Artists Playlist

Featured Artists

Artists featured from across the world of independent music, including artists from the Songstuff music community.

Music Community

Music Community

The Songstuff Music Community is a community dedicated to the creation of music. Serving the independent music community for more than two decades, it provides an online home for artists, songwriters, musicians, lyricists, music producers, music marketers and more.

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Songstuff provides attractive Ad packages for artists and for those wanting to advertise to artists, songwriters and musicians.