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For Recording and Music Production, music technology is the essential thread that runs through modern studios, keyboards, synths, samplers and FX. Keeping up with rends in the latest trends in music technology is important. It has an effect on almost all musical genres.

Songstuff and the Songstuff Music Community not only help you to keep up with those trends, it also helps you to identify what those trends and techniques could mean to you, and how you can use them within your own music. From MIDI to VST, VSTi to sound libraries, and DAWs to audio mastering suites, we cover these and many related topics.

Recent developments have brought AI into the realms of music creation. From AI in the audio chain, through AI in EQ to AI in compression, to AI set ups for audio mixing, AI seems to be touch every part of music creation. Tell us your opinion, vent some pent up AI feelings. Is music going to hell in an AI hand basket, or is AI bringing a new explosion of creativity and increased tempo in music creation?

The introduction of the next major evolution in music technology is an exciting opportunity. AI is what we make of it. For some it will make new levels of music production possible that yesterday they could only dream of. For others still it will open a door to music creation that before was closed. For others still it will sound like the death of music creation itself. For the latter I would suggest embracing, instead of wasting time moaning. The reality is it is already here, and the sooner you use your hard-won knowledge and skills to squeeze the most from AI, the sooner you realise your knowledge and skills still provide you an advantage.

Recording Articles and Music Production Articles

We are growing a collection of resources for people with an interest in music technology. So, let’s get started with some articles featured below:

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Recording and Music Production

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