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Writing Songs

As isolated writers we can often miss out on the opportunity to work with other writers.

If you are a music writer, lyrics writer, or you write both music and lyrics, it takes time to gather knowledge and experience. Even then, keeping a healthy perspective on the works we create is not always easy. In modern times songwriting is often done by committee, with a collection of writers contributing ideas. Working in this way, writers gain better insight into their writing. They are exposed to new techniques and they develop as writers at a faster rate.

Songstuff provides access to knowledge, tools and a motivated and experienced community of writers. It makes it easier to find writing partners, and to gain the many benefits of taking part in critique.

Recording & Production

Recording instruments in the best way is an ongoing challenge. How do you manage noisy environments? How do you maximise volume while keeping some sort of dynamics?

Learning how to record your song is essential where real instruments are involved. It's not just microphone placement, it's also understanding all the signal processing options that help you arrive at a beautifully recorded instrument.

Going beyond basic recording we get into mixing and production skills. What effects should you use to sound like David Bowie on Star Man, or what effects and amp combination helps you sound like Prince, what mix elements can you use to achieve a "wall of sound"?

Our community can help with advice and tips about general recording practice as well as specifics relating to your own recordings on our critique boards.

Releasing Songs

For many, music marketing and promotion is a black art, but it doesn't need to be.

It's not uncommon for artists to write and record a brilliant song, only for it to die in obscurity.

Yet, most artists don't use a formal release plan. They don't monitor metrics. They don't really understand the need or use of tools.They don't automate anything. They do everything their fellow artists do, yet achieve no success. The one thing they really fail to do is to learn.

As a member you will get access to some brilliant marketing articles and tutorials covering everything from writing your bio to building a press kit, interacting and building buzz on social media, growing your social media following and people on your mailing list... plus you become an active member of an awesome music community.

Learn how to effectively grow your fan base, building engagement with fans, growing loyal fans with an undeniable appetite appetite for your music. Learn about site structure and features, developing your fans through sequences of messages until you make your fans an irresistible offer and so much more.


  • Music Business

    Interested in finding out more about the business of music? Our collection of music industry related articles are the ideal asset for indie music bands. Engage with your fans, grow your fan base, learn how to release your music effectively, earn from your music and take your music to the next level.

  • Song Writing

    Build and expand the tools in your song writing tool box. Between our articles and reference material, and the support provided by our community of songwriters and musicians, your skills will be exercised and developed.

  • Recording and Music Technology

    Music technology moves forward at a fast pace. It is however built upon key concepts and principles. Our library of product reviews, articles, reference materials, tools and tutorials helps to grow your understanding of these concepts and helps keep you up to date with the very latest developments in music technology for performance, sound design and recording.

  • Music Community

    Our community boasts many active musicians, songwriters, bands and producers. Essential for indie music artists, it’s a great place to learn, to show off your chops and to exchange tips and techniques.