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The music business is known for being hard to safely navigate. A cut-throat world full of sharks looking for the unwary to exploit until they are bled dry. It’s a world of business. The truth is, you need to be well armed with knowledge if you hope to protect your interests.

Within the music industry as a whole there are so many areas that require specialist knowledge. A good manager can protect the band business from bad deals, but who protects the band from the manager? In a world where many artists don’t have a manager, or an agent, the buck stops with the artist. They have to be able to read and understand contracts, be able to negotiate deals, engage people to act on their behalf, understand how to release a record, how to place songs with production companies, how to effectively exploit a song, how to set up a tour, how to budget effectively, how to correctly manage copyright and so much more.

Luckily, we are here to help you!

In addition to our music business articles, you will find a lot of useful information and feedback within the members of our music community. They provide a vital support for bands and artists and music marketers. You might be learning about music marketing from scratch, topping up your skills with review and analysis from other experienced music marketers or exploring what the world of AI can do to improve your music marketing campaigns or your ability to execute them. Our Music Community can help you to achieve them all. 

Music Business Articles and Tutorials

We are growing a collection of resources for music industry professionals, semi-professionals and amateurs. So, let’s get started with some articles featured below:

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Music Business

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