Music Glossary T

Music Glossary T

Music Glossary T is a collection of music industry terms, words, and phrases, that begin with the letter “T”, from Talent Agent/Booking Agent to Tremelo Arm/Tremolo Bar.

Music Glossary T

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Talent Agent/Booking Agent

See Booking Agent.


A circuit or system that allows communication with a performer. Commonly, though not exclusively, Talkback is used by sound engineers or producers in a studio control room to give directions to performers in the studio or live room.

Target Audience

A specific group of people that a product, or the marketing message for a product, is aimed at.

In Music Marketing, it is essential to understand who your most enthusiastic fans are so you can shape your marketing approach and strategies around them.

To begin to understand them, we note down the attributes of fans in order to spot patterns and trends. We can then use that information to better target advertisements, social media posts and much more.

Tech Spec

Abbreviation of technical specifications.

A venue or promoter is likely to ask for a tech spec so they can set up the stage properly for a band and ensure all of the bands technical needs can be met.

Technical Rider

See Performance Rider.

Technically Satisfactory

This term is typically found in a recording agreement. It means that the recordings will not be deemed Delivered to the Label, unless they are technically capable of being reproduced on Phonorecords. See Commercially Satisfactory.


(1) Term – Term of Contract – The length of time the contract will be in effect.

(2) Term – Contract Terms – The overall collection of conditions, points and clauses that  comprise the contract.


Territory usually means country. Contracts and copyrights don’t mean exactly the same things or work in exactly the same way, in different countries. Territory indicates the location or range of locations over which the contract or copyright will apply.


The rate of speed of a musical piece or passage indicated by one of a series of directions (as largo, presto, or allegro) and often by an exact metronome marking.


Drums of ethnic origin played with extremely thin sticks. Grouped in sets of two or more without the use of bottom heads. Commonly produced with shells made of metallic materials.


This is a subjective quality that enables listeners to tell the difference between two sound of an identical pitch at the same volume. Fundamentally it is the difference in the frequency content of the sounds.


Very large drum played generally with woollen mallets. This drum is tuned to a specific pitch or note using an attached foot pedal at the bass of the drum. Manufactured of copper or brass.

Top-Line Records

Top-Line Records is the Record release revenue attributed to a Music Distributor’s most expensive category of Record release, commanding the highest price charged.

Topline Songwriter/Topliner

A topliner is a songwriter that writes the melody and lyrics for a Producer’s instrumental beat. Toplining is an increasingly common practice in electronic and sample-based genres pop, hip hop and electronic dance music.

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Tour Manager/Road Manager 

Tour managers take charge of the details of a tour, making a planned tour, as planned by a Booking Agent, actually happen.

The Tour Manager travels with the band, taking care of any and all issues  that may arise so that the tour runs smoothly. Typically this includes:

  • Checking into hotels
  • Liaising with:
    • Music Promoters
    • Band Manager
    • Stage Manager
    • Merchandising
    • Road Crew
      • Sound Engineer
      • Lighting Engineer
      • Roadies
      • Humpers
      • Catering
      • Transportation & Logistics
    • PR Tour Support
    • Hotel Management
  • After show party organisers
  • Guest Lists
  • Making sure all musicians are where they need to be, when they need to be
  • Fine management of matching needs of the band with facilities at the venue.
  • Any other tasks needed to make things go as smoothly as possible.

The Tour Manager runs the Road Crew, who travel with the band, making the tour happen.

The Tour Manager normally has the highest authority over all of the other Crew members, making decisions, especially relating to the day to day running of the tour, while under to the direction and control of the Artist’s Personal Manager, the Band Manager and ultimately the Artist.

Tour Merchandising

The sale of artist merchandise at a Venue.

Tour Support

Tour Support refers to the financial support provided by a Record Label (or sometimes by another company) to cover costs in excess of income generated by the tour, resulting in a net loss.

Tour support is normally recouped from Artist Royalties.

Trademark /Trade Mark

An business identifier that helps people to identify the products made by a specific business or components of products made by another business. Trademarks can be a:

  • Name
  • Word
  • Phrase
  • Symbol
  • Logo
  • Design
  • Picture

See Service Mark.


This is a momentary change in the audio signal level.


The Tray is the plastic CD holder part of a jewel case or digipack. The CD sits in the holder, with the holder fixing the CD through the middle of the CD.

Tray Card

The Tray Card is the album or single artwork insert. It sits behind the Tray and is visible at the back of the CD case.


Treble is the high-frequency audio content. This is normally considered to be above 5 KHz.

Tremolo Arm/Tremolo Bar

A metal bar which is part of some bridge assemblies on an electric guitar. When pushed into the guitar body or pulled away, it changes the length of the guitar strings by adjusting the bridge position, altering the pitch of the sounding notes.

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