Acronym for Low-Frequency Oscillator. This is an oscillator, normally oscillating below 20Hz, acting as a modulation source applied to another signal. The waveshape of the LFO can often be selected as sine, square, triangular or sawtooth waveform.

This is a variation on a Compressor that uses a compression ratio of 10:1 or larger. Limiters are used to stop a signal exceeding a certain preset level. See our article Compression by following the link below.

Songstuff Compression Article

Line Input
This is an input that is designed to operate at Line Level.

Line Level
This is the nominal or operating level of an audio system. This level normally corresponds with a ‘0 VU’ meter reading. Standard Line levels are:

+8 dBm (1.95 volts RMS), Broadcast

+4 dBm (1.23 volts RMS), Pro Recording

-10 dBv (310 millivolts RMS), Alternative Pro Recording

Line Output
This is an output designed to operate at the nominal Line Level.

This is completely the opposite of gain in a circuit, i.e. attenuation.

Low Pass Filter
This is a type of filter that attenuates frequencies above a cutoff frequency. i.e. it allows low frequencies to pass through unchanged.