Music Glossary 0-9

Music Glossary 0-9

Music Glossary 0-9 is a collection of music industry terms, words, and phrases, that begin with numbers, from 12-Bar Blues to 10,000-Hour Rule.

Music Glossary 0-9

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12-Bar Blues
12-bar blues is the most common chord progression in blues music and a very common chord progression in popular music. Unlike most song forms, the 12-bar Blues form has its roots in Jazz and Blues music, not classical music.

The “12” in 12-Bar Blues refers to there being 12 measures, or bars of music as the key building block for the song form 12-Bar Blues form (aka AAB form).

For more information, read our article “A Guide To Song Forms – AAB Song Form

360 Deals
A 360° deal (a.k.a. a “Kitchen Sink” deal) is a modern record contract where the record label takes a cut of all the artist’s income (merchandising, touring, publishing, etc.) as well as record sales.

Traditional record contracts were single agreements covering exclusive rights to the artist’s recordings during the contract term. Record labels now tend to try to acquire all other rights in relation to the artist.

For example, exclusive rights for:

  • Touring
  • Endorsements and merchandising
  • Music publishing

The terms controlling each of these rights is normally defined in separate agreements between the label (or associated company) and the artist.

1,000 True Fans Theory
It’s a simple idea proposed by Kevin Kelly, co-founder and executive editor of WIRED magazine, in 2008 as part of an essay.

It goes like this, if you have 1,000 true fans, who will buy everything you create. If you can create $100 of products per year, you can have a healthy, sustainable income of $100k per year.

10,000-Hour Rule
According to a study by Anders Ericsson, and made popular by Malcolm Gladwell in his bestseller “Outliers: The Story Of Success”, 10,000 hours is the minimum estimated apprenticeship to truly attain the level of an expert. The study covered 2000 musicians, sportsmen, and chess players. It sounds simple and it is easy to remember, but it isn’t exactly accurate

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