Use this glossary to find the meanings for common, and not so common terms and concepts in this broad-ranging music industry reference. It covers a large diversity of Music related terminology. So, you will find terms for the Music Business, Music TechnologyMusic Theory, alongside Music LawAcoustics, and Electronics. The Songstuff Glossary is a dynamic and ever-growing collection. Everything from Absorption to Zero Level.

Getting started in the music industry, or even getting involved in a new area of the music industry can be frustrating and confusing. An important part of being able to take advantage of any opportunity that comes your way is understanding potential benefits and pitfalls, and for you to be taken seriously by those you meet within a music business context. Being able to respond in an appropriate way (without signalling “I know very little, please take advantage of my lack of knowledge”) is essential, and that starts with understanding concepts and speaking the same language.

Feed Your Head

In other words, it is absolutely critical that you know and understand key music industry words, phrases and concepts.

Music Community

In this day and age, you cannot afford to miss the implications of a phrase. It certainly isn’t wise to rely entirely upon the knowledge and understanding of others to highlight when terms are unfavorable to you, or when you could get more from a negotiation than you have.

To survive is not enough. You need to thrive in the music industry. To achieve that starts with understanding what people are talking about when they use common music industry terms, and being able to take part in the conversation.

Music Industry Buzzwords

Our music industry glossary is not only a great introduction to music industry terms and terminology, but it is also a useful and growing reference companion you can keep using as your music career grows and expands to take in new areas. In no time we’ll have you not only dropping key music industry buzz words in the conversations but using them correctly!

We’re continually adding new descriptions, so if you have a suggested description please Contact Songstuff.

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