Songwriting Articles and Lyric Writing Articles

Songwriting Articles and Lyric Writing Articles

Our collection of songwriting articles and lyric writing articles is always growing. Browse our information about writing songs and writing lyrics to discover a load of songwriting tips covering the creative processes used in writing songs, techniques like hook placement and rhyming schemes, and processes for how you can start writing a song.

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Songstuff gives you a lot of articles about writing songs and articles about writing lyrics. They are written by songwriters, composers, and lyricists for songwriters, musicians, bands, composers, and lyricists. They cover core skills, providing a foundation of knowledge for you to build upon. Use our articles to help to develop your songwriting skills and hone your lyric writing.

Learn how to use a process to write songs more reliably. Try different techniques for writing songs, keeping your songs interesting and the process of wring enjoyable and challenging.

It is good for lyricists to learn about putting words to music, and how to write words for songs that work with melodic rhythms and cadence. Likewise it is a good idea for composers to learn more about vocal phrasing and using melody in ways that compliment a lyric. 

Ultimately, we want the lyric and music to work together to create something greater, something that amplifies the emotion of the song as a whole.

Our articles covering rhyme and vocal rhythm are very useful for rappers who want to develop their craft and improve their flow. They will help you move past simple, easily anticipated rhyme into clever, unexpected and hooky rhymes allowing you to create more memorable songs.

Learn how to:

  • Write lyrics
  • Write catchy melodies
  • Use and develop a songwriting process
  • Find songwriting inspiration
  • Discover the best music theory articles.
  • Structure a song
  • Develops an idea, and more.

Songwriting Articles


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