Song Building Blocks


Build upon the experience of other songwriters by growing your understanding of the main building blocks that songs are made from, and how each of those building blocks work with other building blocks.

To help, read this round up of the main structural elements of a song.

Read our article "Song Building Blocks".


AchaziaAchazia (real name, Gry) is from Oslo, Norway. She is an artist, composer and ethereal musician.

As a gamer, Achazia is fascinated by how music can help you to immerse in games. She has some of her music in multiplayer and mobile games.

At the moment Achazia has a song, "Empress of Vincenza" placed with fantasy radio station Radio Rivendell. The song is part of a project/compilation called Book of Ages with other composers.

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Achazia on SoundCloud

Achazia on Songstuff

Dave Bradley

Dave BradleyDave Bradley is a science journalist by day, but by night he's Cambridge's most wannabe singer-songwriter rockstar. Dave has played guitar for four decades or thereabouts and writes and performs acoustic and electric in a range of styles and has been likened to a range of artists, including Glenn Tilbrook, David Bowie and James Taylor, which is very flattering to him, of course, but he really is just a Geordie chancer with a loud shirt and six string...

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Dave Bradley on Bandcamp

Dave Bradley on Songstuff

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