5 Tips To Help Your Band Become Successful

A collection of 5 tips to help you to achieve success with your band including tips to help you grow your fanbases and how to leverage the benefits of one piece of work to many different areas.

Improve your chances of success by applying, and keep applying, all "5 Tips To Help Your Band Become Successful"

Read our article "5 Tips To Help Your Band Become Successful".

Song Building Blocks

Build upon the experience of other songwriters by growing your understanding of the main building blocks that songs are made from, and how each of those building blocks work with other building blocks.

To help, read this round up of the main structural elements of a song.

Read our article "Song Building Blocks".


Mark RabuckM57 (aka, Mark Rabuck) is one of Songstuff’s hidden gems.

Recording in his home studio, talented writer and arranger, Mark plays most musical parts himself, including bass, guitars, grand piano, and even ukulele.

Mark’s simple yet soulful voice is the perfect foil for his sophisticated music, with its unexpected yet deeply satisfying chord choices and meaningful and intriguing lyrical content.

The M57 catalog is quality music. So, if you’re rushed, be absolutely sure to check out the songs “Throwing Darts At The Storm” and “It Might Be A Lie.”

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