So You Want Your Song Played On Radio

Getting airplay for the independent artist has never been harder. Radio consultant Richard Wilkinson discusses changes in the industry and speaks plainly about getting airplay for your songs in the UK.

Read our article "So You Want Your Song Played On Radio".

Song Building Blocks

Build upon the experience of other songwriters by growing your understanding of the main building blocks that songs are made from, and how each of those building blocks work with other building blocks.

To help, read this round up of the main structural elements of a song.

Read our article "Song Building Blocks".

Simon Darveau

Simon DarveauMontreal based French Canadian artist  Simon is a singer songwriter, self taught guitar and piano player and wannabe sound engineer on his free time.

Simon is currently building his home studio where he hopes he will spend most of his time writing and producing his own music as well as collaborating with other artists in a near future.

A proud member of The Travelling Songstuffers, a virtual international group, Simon hopes to produce an EP featuring some of their work.

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Keeping A Song Interesting

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Good Vocal Technique

Good vocal technnique and a warm-up routine for vocal practice.

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