Nomad Factory Garbage LSD Review

Nomad Factory is known for their innovative and great sounding plugins. Has the take over by Plugivery given this VST a useful boost?. Garbage LSD has garnered some important industry awards, including the “Best Alternative Effect Plugin” at the Technofile Awards.

Read our "Nomad Factory Garbage LSD Review".

IsoVox 2 Review

Getting a good vocal sound takes a lot of preparation. The size and shape of the room you record in, the ambient noise from electronic and other sources. In a home studio environment the issues are multiplied. For a start, not everyone has a dedicated studio, and even less are acoustically treated to both reduce spill onto recordings, and spill from the studio to the outside, or to shape the sound recorded by dealing with hot frequencies and reverberation.

IsoVox have presented a solution, the IsoVox 2. Read our IsoVox 2 Review.

Tom Hoffman

Tom Hoffman“Jack of all trades, ace of none” is how our featured artist describes himself.

A 10 year veteran of, Tom’s musical roots reach all the way back to the 60’s & 70’s.

The 90’s saw Tom (aka tunesmithth) venture into songwriting. His past few decades were spent as an amateur tunesmith, rather than a performing musician.

He never lost his love of playing! The difference is that most of it occurs in the privacy of his home-studio. These days playing serves as the means to an end. That end being written, arranged & recorded songs. It’s all about the songs & the creative process…a uniquely rewarding labor of love.



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