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Web Traffic Showing Visitors And Hits To WebsiteSo, you’ve got a web site with music on it. Soundcloud, your own domain, Ampcast, whatever. I don’t really care which one. None of them send you free visitors interested in music. If you have written the Holy Grail of Pop Music and recorded it flawlessly, it will grace the bottom of the charts through the end of time unless someone goes and listens to it.

But how in the name of Ernetso Cortazar can you possibly get listeners to hear it?

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Well there's plenty of ways. Maybe a few hundred ways. Or maybe there's only one way: get someone to your page.

For now, lets ignore how easy to use your page is and its design. These are topics for other discussions. Right now, I'm talking purely about getting someone to go to your page.

Now, again, I don't know why I have to keep telling you this, you must not be paying attention. I don't care if that auction slot gets you seen by Phil Spector (Yeah, OK, that WOULD be impressive), we're not talking about that. We're talking about getting PEOPLE to your page. As many as possible for as little cash as possible. I mean getting real people, not those sites which will add 500 hits to your page that mean nothing. You know - people.

Sure, once you've topped the Ukrainian Weishenvarg charts, you'll get visitors, as people will see you on the charts and play. This is talking about before that happens.


The Search Engine

If you don't know about the importance of search engines, stop reading and become a monk. Search engines are the nerves of the internet and if you haven't figured it out by now, give up. If you're on MP3.COM or certain other sites, engines will NOT find your page. Uh oh. That's bad. Get yourself a web page that CAN be searched for and have it redirect to your mp3 page. I'm not here to give you lessons on how to get search engines to show you - there's sites for that. Not web-savvy? There are sites that will submit your site to search engines for a small fee. Varying services cost varying amounts. If you know what you're doing, submit it yourself. One important thing: make your music findable by those who don't know what they're looking for.


If I know your band, I don't need a search engine. If I type FREE MP3, and 12 million sites come up, I won't be choosing yours. If, as a fan, I type FREE HEAVY METAL SCREAMING and that describes your music perfectly, make sure your site is in the top 5 when I search it. Use your keywords effectively.

And if you're real desperate, there are certain sites you can bribe. Sites where you auction for position, and every time someone clicks through, you pay X pennies. You choose if its worth it. GOTO.COM is a big service there.



Stations, whatever. No, I'm not talking about gaming the system, I'm talking about find some stations of similar music to yours to add you to their playlists. Submit to as many as you can before Carpal Tunnel syndrome sets in. Then, cover your hands in Ben Gay and submit to more. No pain, no gain. This is your music, feel the burn. Every new song, resubmit. Waste of time? Not if the listener is Quincy Jones. Not if you're on so many stations that people are practically forced to listen to you. Which is the key to all good marketing: convince people that you are necessary for their survival.


Friends And Family

Boy, if I have to tell you to tell your friends and family to go to your own site, then I fear for your social life. They are your first audience. Maintain them.


Mailing Lists

An article unto its own, we'll go way in detail at a future date, for now lets just say start one up and use it. A list of people who like your music would be a good choice.



Post all over. Don't expect a lot traffic, unless you're a regular. Post other places. At least relevant places. Don't be surprised if you get deleted for being off-topic. But you don't know until you try.


Chat rooms and PalTalk

Basically, real time BBs. This may get you traffic, based on how good a salesman you are, but the audience is low and only as long as you're there. Yeah its fun, but not efficient.


The Marketing Campaign

Wow, this is so big a concept that it will be MULTIPLE other articles. Lets just try this idea: Get some website to feature your song. Doesn't have to be a music site. More in the future.


The Forbin Project

Buy 300 computers with individual internet access. Play all your own songs daily. But wait, that's not listeners! Maybe you'll chart and get a few listeners. But that's a waste of resources! Ah. Right. Well, no different from joining a gaming ring, and just as futile as you will get no necessary feedback from fans. One real listeners feedback is worth any chart position.

These are just the basics. As we continue, we'll go further in on these ideas. Play with these ideas to start with. Remember, there is no easy answer. If you became a musician so you wouldn't have to get a real job, burn your instrument. There's a lot more hard work to be done after that song is recorded. If you roll up your sleeves and add a bit more sweat, you can start getting proper recognition for your efforts.

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