Music Business Articles

Music Business Articles

Are you looking for music business related advice? Then you should browse our music business articles covering managementmarketingpromotioncopyright, and much more.

Understanding ideas is part of it, but you need something that will tie it all together. You need a plan so that your efforts build towards a purpose.

From music management, to copyright, contracts, promotion, fan engagement and interviews with professionals working in the music industry, Songstuff supports your needs.

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Music Business Articles

Enjoy our music industry articles. There are loads of different topics and perspectives involved in the business of music. Our articles cover the foundations of many aspects of the music industry from copyright, through music publishing, mechanical copyright, releasing music, music marketing and promotion including the creation of assets like the electronic press kit, your mailing list, press releases and how to navigate music contracts of different kinds.

You’ll find information to help you to develop as a songwriter, progress as an artist. From adding collaboration partners to building your fan base, you will find something in our library to help you move forwards with your music career.

Should you have any questions relating to any of our articles or if you have a question that is not included in our articles just now, then please visit our music community forums.

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Are you looking for discussion and advice about specific roles in the music industry?  Or perhaps you are looking for information about: 

  • copyright
  • music management
  • performance rights
  • music related income streams
  • music marketing
  • music promotion
  • processes to release songs in a professional way
  • other music business tasks

As well as our articles and tutorials you can discuss band management, copyright, and music marketing on the music industry board.

To help you to understand specific terms, take a look at our Music Glossary. It has extensive descriptions of music technology terms and concepts. It also contains entries about music theory and terms from across the music industry including music marketing and music promotion.

You might want to talk over something you read to improve your understanding, or to pass on a new understanding to another music marketer or band manager. Maybe you just want to discuss and exchange ideas? Or just chat to fellow artist managers, booking agents, music promoters or band leaders responsible for the business side of their band? If so, please join our music community. Our members and staff are friendly and welcoming.

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We rely upon songwriters, musicians, and others with experience working within the music industry, being willing to contribute to our knowledge base.

As well as contributions to our music library, we feature contributions in our site blogs and social media portals. For example, we add video contributions to the Songstuff Channel on YouTube.

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