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This “About” page gives a brief overview of Songstuff in the “Description” section below. It covers the site, the community and common activities. The “Background” section describes how Songstuff got started. 


Songstuff is a free songwriting, general music development resource for both fans and musicians. It provides educational information and training for musicians, creative, technical and business articles and product reviews, interviews, an active music community including forums, gallery, blogs and member clubs, links, artist adverts, music industry news. Songstuff supports your development as a musician, songwriter, band or artist, music marketer or music manager or in a number of music industry roles.

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In late 1999 John Moxey, a long-time songwriter and musician, started a personal website about music called “Songs”. The intention was simply to write some articles and provide other info that might help fellow musicians, and shortcut some of the learning curves encountered when becoming involved in the music industry. After a few months as “Songs”, the site was re-branded as Songstuff and launched with its own domain in September 2000.

Songstuff has grown into an all-round music development resource, attracting interest from musicians and music industry workers of all experience and skill levels. The Songstuff Songwriting and Music Community has become an essential, dynamic networking resource, where members exchange ideas and collaborate on common projects.

A whole heap of thanks and appreciation are owed to the moderation team for helping to grow the community into the active and creative place it has become.

Songstuff is staffed by volunteers. Staff members are mainly keen musicians, experienced and active in songwriting. Staff members conduct interviews and write articles on a variety of subjects. In addition, the Songstuff Community members regularly contribute articles and Songstuff has many regular contributors from across the field of music.

We plan to continually improve the free services and help we offer across the board. Our aim is to help musicians in any and every practical way we can.

Songstuff grew up as a free site. The support of site users is the lifeblood of Songstuff. Our community members help shape the way Songstuff looks, and the direction the site takes, and in many ways make the site what it is. A free Songwriting and Music Resource.

Artists and Bands

As an artist or band, you’ll find information about creative, technical, and business issues in articles, tutorials, and interviews. Our music community provides an online home for many independent artists and bands. It’s a great place to network with other artists and bands, songwriters, producers, musicians, band managers, and more.

Develop your skills with music marketing, and learn all about the business of music. Develop a marketing plan for your music, learn to make and develop contacts, how to pitch your music, get airplay and much more.

Our community forum is active with members sharing informed opinions and critiques in a positive environment.

Our Articles and Glossary are full of useful information.

From copyright to music marketing and promotion, you will find everything you need to move your music career forward.

Musicians and Songwriters

As a musician or songwriter, you’ll find information about creative, technical, and business issues, our musician and songwriting forum, and more…

Develop your skills on instruments like the guitar or drums or the skills involved in writing songs. Our forum is active with members sharing informed opinions and critique in a positive environment.

Our Articles and Glossary give you loads of useful information, song and lyric writingtechnology, and the Music business.

It doesn’t matter if you write lyrics, sing, or play any musical instrument. From the songwriting process, to recording and promotion, Songstuff supports your needs.


As a fan, you’ll find artists and their songs from the Songsuff Music Community pages being featured on our sister sites for music fans, Songstuff UK (SSUK) and the Independent Music Stage (IMS). There you will find a mixture of the best mainstream music and the best independent music from across the internet, including Songstuff artists and bands.

There are many talented artists among the Songstuff membership and the independent music scene as a whole is a rich music scene of bands that just don’t happen to be backed by a small group of record labels that happen to dominate the music industry.

If you’re an indie fan you will love it. There are artists from many traditional genres including classical, jazz, pop, rock, folk, blues, country and many less traditional styles including hip hop, dance, electronica, and rap.

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Site Crew

For 2 decades Songstuff has been staffed by a crew of volunteers. All are songwriters, most are solo artists or are part of a band.

You can view our current Site Crew here:

Site Crew


All Songstuff content has been generously created by large group of volunteer contributors. You can find a list of the majority below:

Songstuff Contributors

Apologies to anyone whose name has been missed off the list. As you can appreciate Songstuff has been going for many years and there are no doubt a few missed off the list, at the time of writing, by genuine mistake.

Legal Disclaimer

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Songstuff.com contains content posted or otherwise contributed by site members. While we do monitor such content, we are not responsible for this content. This type of content is predominantly, though not exclusively, found in the forum, member blogs, member galleries and artist/band pages. The responsibility lies entirely with the content author. Viewing such content is entirely at the risk of the viewer.