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Within the MIDI Specification there are two basic types of message byte: the status byte and the data byte. The Most Significant Bit of a status byte is always 1, the Most Significant Bit of a data byte is always 0. The maximum length for a standard MIDI message is three bytes but for some types of MIDI message the length can be less.

Binary Code

StatusData 1Data 2
1 t t t n n n n0 x x x x x x x0 x x x x x x x

There are only 7 bits, in each byte, to represent the unique data that the message byte contains. It can easily be calculated that there are only 2^7, or 128, discrete values available per byte. This means that there are 8 fundamental types of status message (t) which, if a channel specific message, can be sent to any one of 16 different MIDI Channels. If the status message is not channel specific the lower nibble (4 bits) of the status represents one of 16 different message sub-classes.

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There are two different classifications of MIDI messages: MIDI Data Messages and MIDI System Messages. MIDI Data Messages are channel specific, MIDI System Messages are not channel specific.


All values are in HEX format!

MessageStatusData 1Data 2
Note Off8nNote NumberVelocity
Note On9nNote NumberVelocity
Polyphonic AftertouchAnNote NumberPressure
Control ChangeBnController NumberData
Program ChangeCnProgram NumberUnused
Channel AftertouchDnPressureUnused
Pitch WheelEnLSBMSB


n is the MIDI Channel Number (0-F)
LSB is the Least Significant Byte
MSB is the Least Significant Byte
There are several different types of controller messages.


MIDI DATA Messages - Control Messages

All values are in HEX format!

MessageStatusData 1Data 2
14 bit controllers MSBBn01 (Modulation Wheel)Data
02 (Breath Controller)Data
04 (Foot Contoller)Data
05 (Portamento Time)Data
06 (Data Entry Slider)Data
07 (Main Volume)Data
14 bit controllers LSBBn21 (Modulation Wheel)Data
22 (Breath Controller)Data
24 (Foot Contoller)Data
25 (Portamento Time)Data
26 (Data Entry Slider)Data
27 (Main Volume)Data
7 bit controllersBn40 (Sustain Pedal)00-3F (off) 40-FF (on)
41 (Portamento)00-3F (off) 40-FF (on)
42 (Sostenato pedal)00-3F (off) 40-FF (on)
43 (Soft pedal)00-3F (off) 40-FF (on)
60 (Data Increment)7F
61 (Data Decrement)7F
62 (Non-Registered Parameter Number)LSB
63 (Non-Registered Parameter Number)MSB
64 (Registered Parameter Number)LSB
65 (Registered Parameter Number)MSB
79 (Reset All Controllers)7F
Channel ModesBn7A (Local)00 (off) / 7F (on)
7B (All Notes Off)00
7C (Omni Off)00
7D (Omni On)00
7E (Mono)00-0A
7F (Poly)00


n is the MIDI Channel Number (0-F)
LSB is the Least Significant Byte
MSB is the Least Significant Byte[/td


System Exclusive

MessageStatusData 1Data 2
System Exclusive StartF0Manufacturers IDData, data, data
System Exclusive EndF7
Polyphonic AftertouchAnNote NumberPressure


System Common

MessageStatusData 1Data 2
Song PointerF2LSBMSB
Song SelectF3Song Number
Tune RequestF6


MIDI Time Code

MessageStatusData 1Data 2
Quarter FrameF1Data


System Realtime

MessageStatusData 1Data 2
Timing ClockF8
Measure EndF9Unused
Active SensingFE


n is the MIDI Channel Number (0-F)
LSB is the Least Significant Byte
MSB is the Least Significant Byte

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