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On this page we feature a collection of songwriters and musicians that take part in Songstuff. Support independent artists and songwriters, click through and have a listen to their music. You might just fall in love with their music and become a fan of the band!


Simon Darveau

Simon DarveauMedical representative by day, Simon is a singer songwriter, self taught guitar and piano player and wannabe sound engineer on his free time. He is currently building his home studio where he hopes he will  spend most of his time writing and producing his own music as well as collaborating with other artists in a near future.

This French Canadian (Montreal based) closet artist sees no limits to what can be achieved collectively through the Web. He is a proud member of a virtual international group (The Travelling Songstuffers) composed of Songstuff members and would eventually love to produce an ep featuring some of their work.

Simon Darveau on Songstuff

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Danny Rains

Danny RainsSongwriting once cast a spell on a wayward youth named Danny Rains. It sent him stumbling headfirst into a mystifying underground world of melodies, harmonies, and words. Now, many years since, he still returns to that deep well of unknowable truths. In the early morning dark, he often finds himself staring into a fog of half-remembered dreams, feeling around the bed for a pencil or a guitar, hoping to capture a little piece of that world to bring back with him to the other side.

He has made 5 independent albums so far. Often, he writes and performs all of the parts himself, but sometimes he collaborates with other musicians. His recordings are produced in his studio, in a small apartment in Little Rock, Arkansas. His sole spiritual advisor is the ghost of his childhood pet parakeet, Sam.

Danny Rains on Songstuff

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Mark Bio PicM57 (aka, Mark Rabuck) is one of Songstuff’s hidden gems. Disguised as a math and music teacher by day, at home he locks himself in his studio, taking his time as he produces a small batch of songs that are surprisingly varied in style. Like many a closet singer-songwriter, Mark plays most all the parts himself, preferring real instruments over virtual (including bass, guitars, his prized grand piano, and even ukulele).  Mark’s simple yet soulful voice is the perfect foil for his sophisticated music, with its unexpected yet deeply satisfying chord choices and meaningful and intriguing lyrical content.  A masterful arranger, fans know to wait for and savor those exquisite moments when he choses to layer his vocals. It doesn’t take much time to listen to the entire M57 catalog, but if you’re rushed, be sure to check out “Throwing Darts At The Storm” and “It Might Be A Lie.”

An active participant in the Songstuff Community, Mark is one of many song-writers who ‘gives back’ by offering thoughtful and constructive criticism in the Songwriting and Music Forums, claiming, “Helping others gives me insight into process and makes me a better song-writer.” 

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AvithammerAvithammer, or just Avit or real name Alan Guest is a songwriter, blogger and comedy show wannabe from Essex. He came into the game late and insists he could play the guitar when he was 15 better than he can now. Alan has a very varied taste in music although his preferred ‘cup-of-tea’ is prog rock which has  surfaced only once in his writings in ‘Holly.’ After writing and recording a mini album’s worth of soul tracks with S.E.L ( of Soul2Soul fame) he has embarked on a retro/harmony/melodic pop album project mixing Beach Boys Beatles and humour.

Avit also writes theme tunes and jingles for Hammerschat.com as well as providing an anthem ‘Claret and Blue’ for West ham United’s move to the Olympic Stadium.

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AchaziaAchazia (real name, Gry) is from Oslo, Norway. She is an artist, composer and ethereal musician.

As a gamer, Achazia is fascinated by how music can help you to immerse in games. She has some of her music in multiplayer and mobile games.

At the moment she has a song called “Empress of Vincenza” placed with a fantasy radio station called Radio Rivendell as part of a project/compilation working with other composers, called Book of Ages.

Achazia on SoundCloud

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Dave Bradley

Dave BradleyDave Bradley is a science journalist by day, but by night he’s Cambridge’s most wannabe singer-songwriter rockstar. Dave has played guitar for four decades or thereabouts and writes and performs acoustic and electric in a range of styles and has been likened to a range of artists, including Glenn Tilbrook, David Bowie and James Taylor, which is very flattering to him, of course, but he really is just a Geordie chancer with a loud shirt and six string…

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Mahesh and the Mix

Mahesh and the MixCheck out Bangalore based band, Mahesh and the Mix.

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photo-12753Chilled out music from Manchester, UK, based artist, MonoStone.

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Lauren O’Connell

DSC_3331Now working on her 4th album, Lauren has built over 3 million views on YouTube using well crafted original music and cover songs .

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Thomas McCallum

Thomas McCallumFollowing on from his debut album Voices, Thomas  “Where words fail, music speaks.”

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