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Jigsaw Sequence (a.k.a. Richard Tracey)
Jigsaw Sequence (a.k.a. Richard Tracey)

Jigsaw Sequence is a pseudonym Richard chose as he didn’t want to be known by his real name for music releases. It isn’t an uncommon thing for artists to do.

The name is from a lyric to an Ultravox song, chosen because Richard always liked the lyrics to that specific part of the song and it just sounded right. Ultravox were Ricvhard’s favorite band when he was growing up. Using something from Ultravox kept Richard in touch with his roots and showed to the world at large, just who he is.


Richard is a 47 year old, living and working in Scotland. Married with two beautiful daughters, he works full-time and his music is a consuming, passionate hobby.


He has loved music from a very young age. Richard has been a singer for as long as he can remember and started writing lyrics from around the age of 16. At that time he had the ideas for accompanying music in his head, but technology hadn’t progressed to the point  for him to do anything about it. He has played keyboards over the years. He regularly tinkered with creating little snippets of music, but had, until recently, not done anything with them.


Roughly around 2014 that he thought he was going to do something with all the ideas buzzing about in his head. So he purchased a midi keyboard and Logic for his MacBook Pro. He has been writing music ever since.


Richard joined SongStuff in 2016. He wanted to see if the ideas were worthwhile pursuing and he thought the critique he would receive would help to develop them.


I became a moderator of SongStuff in 2017.

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