Shanty Christmas - The Out Of Tuna’s



M57 (aka, Mark Rabuck) is one of Songstuff’s hidden gems. Disguised as a math and music teacher by day, at home he locks himself in his studio, taking his time as he produces a small batch of songs that are surprisingly varied in style. Like many a closet singer-songwriter, Mark plays most all the parts himself, preferring real instruments over virtual (including bass, guitars, his prized grand piano, and even ukulele).  Mark’s simple yet soulful voice is the perfect foil for his sophisticated music, with its unexpected yet deeply satisfying chord choices and meaningful and intriguing lyrical content.  A masterful arranger, fans know to wait for and savor those exquisite moments when he chooses to layer his vocals. It doesn’t take much time to listen to the entire M57 catalog, but if you’re rushed, be sure to check out “Throwing Darts At The Storm” and “It Might Be A Lie.”

An active participant in the Songstuff Community, Mark is one of many songwriters who ‘gives back’ by offering thoughtful and constructive criticism in the Songwriting and Music Forums, claiming, “Helping others gives me insight into the process and makes me a better songwriter.”

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