Independent artist Achazia (real name, Gry) is from Oslo, Norway. She is an original artist, composer and ethereal musician.

As a gamer, she is fascinated by how music can help you to immerse in games. She has some of her music in multiplayer and mobile games.


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One of her songs, a song called “Empress of Vincenza“, was placed with the fantasy radio station Radio Rivendell. Empress of Vincenza is part of a project/compilation where she is working with a range of other composers, called Book of Ages.

She has a large catalog of original songs and a selection of cover songs available on bother her Soundcloud page and within her YouTube channel. More than a few of her songs are available with videos for you to enjoy on her excellent YouTube channel. So keep an eye, and ear, out for her songs, give her songs a listen, and of course a like, a comment, and a share!

Achazia Links

Here are a few links to her pages, including one to her Soundcloud page, a second link to her YouTube channel, a third to her X page, and finally the fourth link to her member home page on Songstuff:

SoundCloud Page

Achazia (Veiled Harmonies) YouTube Channel


Songstuff Member Page

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