Music Product Reviews

Music Product Reviews

Reading music product reviews are an important step in the buying process. It is so important to research music products you are thinking of buying as well as you can.

Music Product Reviews

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Why Songstuff Music Product Reviews?

Sales and marketing information and technical specifications are very important, but informed opinion counts. It can make a massive difference to what you buy. For opinions to matter they have to be honest. They need to be clear. You need to respect the opinions and motives of the people doing the reviews.

We aim to be open and honest in our reviews. At the same time we also try to be as detailed as we can, testing in realistic ways to get the most relevant results. Whatever our perspective, we try to do our best to give clear easy to understand opinions.

Balance In Music Product Reviews

We try to provide you a balanced view about the products we look at. Sometimes those products are products that we have bought ourselves, other times the products are review copies provided by the companies just for review purposes, and sometimes we use the trial copy, where the full features have been unlocked for a trial period. No matter the way we encounter the product, we try to give a balanced, honest, unbiased opinion of the product.

Considerations For Product Reviews

When buying, we realise that there are so many things to consider. So, we try to include those key considerations, to provide a fuller review to help you in making a decision about what gear to buy next.

Example Considerations

In our product reviews we aim to include a number of useful perspectives and observations, including:

  • Features
  • Compatibility
  • Ease Of Use
  • Price
  • Look and Style
  • Results
  • Ratings

and, of course…

  • Informed Opinions

By including these perspectives we try to keep some consistency, no matter who is performing the review.

Who Carrys Out Reviews?

Our reviews are carried out by:
  • Site staff
  • Contributing Specialists
  • Experienced members of the Songstuff Music Community
Our staff assess all contributors and all all contributed reviews are subject to editorial review.

Navigating Our Reviews

Songstuff music product reviews are divided into two sections, for ease of navigation: 

  • Music Software Reviews 
  • Music Hardware Reviews

Useful Links

Would you like to join in the discussion about recording, music production, or music technology? For that matter, just about any music-related subject? Then join our music community!

You might also find our Music Production and Recording Board particularly useful.

To help you to understand specific terms, take a look at our Music Glossary. It has extensive descriptions of music technology terms and concepts. It also contains entries about music theory and terms from across the music industry including music marketing and music promotion.

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Contributors Wanted

Are you a skilled sound engineer or producer? Or perhaps you have in-depth knowledge about an area of music technology? Would you like to contribute a hardware review or a software review?  Would you be interested in helping your fellow musicians to build their skills and understanding by contributing demonstration videos, reviews, articles and tutorials to the Songstuff music library? We rely upon musicians, and people working within the music industry, being willing to contribute to our knowledge base.

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As well as contributions to our music library, we feature contributions in our site blogs and social media portals. In particular, we add video contributions to the Songstuff Channel on YouTube.

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