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Samplers that Fly Under the Radar, Pt. 1

Looking beyond the mainstream samplers of well-known corporations and DAW manufacturers, there are many quality samplers available from lesser-known developers. In "Samplers That Fly Under The Radar, Pt1," we take a good look at the TAL Sampler, a lightweight musical tool brimming with character and potential.



Output Exhale Review

Output have become known for distinctive, groundbreaking VSTi. Exhale is a Kontakt based VSTi offering a "modern vocal engine" for music producers, and sound designers, who want highly processed vocal samples for their productions.

So we have included a text based review, a video review including a demo track, and a video tour of Exhale.

Read our "Output Exhale Review".


Nomad Factory Garbage LSD Review

Nomad Factory is known for their innovative and great sounding plugins. Has the take over by Plugivery given this VST a useful boost?. Garbage LSD has garnered some important industry awards, including the “Best Alternative Effect Plugin” at the Technofile Awards.

Read our "Nomad Factory Garbage LSD Review".



IsoVox 2 Review

Getting a good vocal sound takes a lot of preparation. The size and shape of the room you record in, the ambient noise from electronic and other sources. In a home studio environment the issues are multiplied. For a start, not everyone has a dedicated studio, and even less are acoustically treated to both reduce spill onto recordings, and spill from the studio to the outside, or to shape the sound recorded by dealing with hot frequencies and reverberation.

IsoVox have presented a solution, the IsoVox 2. Read our IsoVox 2 Review.

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