The guitar has inspired generations of rock, pop, blues, jazz and folk music (to name just a few genres). While the acoustic guitar has dominated folk and modern acoustic music, the electric guitar has defined rock, metal, punk, blues, and contemporary jazz. It is an instrument capable of the most beautiful of rhythms and textures, with a grunt of distortion that inspires defiance and grit, and at the same the it can produce the most ear splitting lead solos. 

From the nice round, pure tones of Django Reinhardt, through the funkiest of infectious rhythms of James Brown with James Nolen’s distinctive “Chicken Scratch” styled solos, or the crunch of powerful heavy metal from Metallica, the blistering solos played with absolute precision by Steve Vai or the creative onslaught of Jimi Hendrix, and the depth of emotional turmoil, stirred up by Pink Floyd’s Dave Gilmour, the guitar has been responsible for many of the most remarkable moments in music from the 2oth and 21st centuries.

Guitar effects and guitar amplifiers provide the basic instrument with a huge range of sounds. All combined this makes it one of the most versatile traditional instruments in modern music.

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