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We are dedicated to helping musicians, songwriters and lyricists with all aspects of their musical career as well as improving engagement across the music industry. As a musician’s resource we offer help with writing songs and music, and with helping song writers exchange ideas with their fellow musicians, songwriters and lyric writers.

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Awareness of conditions and events across the music industry is vital inside knowledge to the modern songwriter, artist, producer, artist manager and other music professionals.

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Would you like to join in the discussion about any aspect of music? From performance through music creation, composition and arrangement, music recording and music production, music marketing and promotion, building your fanbase, to music publishing, releasing music, to music management and running your band as a business. Then join our music community!

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To help you to understand specific terms, take a look at our Music Glossary. It has extensive descriptions of music technology terms and concepts. It also contains entries about music theory and terms from across the music industry including music marketing and music promotion.

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