Songstuff works with a number of authors. Some are in-house members of staff while others are regular freelance contributors or other guest contributors. Guest contributors are often in-house staff on another website and will provide both an attribution link and copyright permission statement. Please support our contributing writers by checking out their profile and profile links.

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List Of Songstuff Authors

Below you will find a list, in no particular order, of authors contributing to Songstuff. Many of the writers below are also members of our music community.

Picture of John Moxey

John Moxey

Singer, songwriter, producer and Songstuff editor. Articles cover a broad range of topics from songwriting through recording and music production to an assortment of music business articles including music marketing and promotion. John also wrote most of the glossary entries and has written a few product reviews.

Picture of Steve Perrett

Steve Perrett

Steve has contributed articles about guitar, music technology and music industry interviews.

Picture of John Nightwolf

John Nightwolf

John is an experienced bass player and has contributed a few articles about playing the bass guitar.

Picture of Peggy Smart Barnes

Peggy Smart Barnes

Peggy is a singer, songwriter and music producer. She has contributed articles about vocal health.

Picture of Mahesh Raghunandan

Mahesh Raghunandan

Mahesh is a singer, songwriter, music producer and vocal coach.

Picture of Steve Mueske

Steve Mueske

Steve is a brilliant music composer and an impressive guitarist with a strong interest in music technology. Steve is a published poet and has released a number of microtonal performances. He has contributed a number of music product reviews about VST instruments and effects.

Picture of Nick Polley

Nick Polley

Nick Polley has contributed an article about playing the drums.

Picture of Rudi Sambourski

Rudi Sambourski

Rudi has contributed articles about guitar scales and chords.

Picture of Colin Lazzerini (Lazz)

Colin Lazzerini (Lazz)

Lazz was a fantastic lyricist, mainly working in the genre of Jazz music. He contributed articles about the music business, mainly copyright.

Picture of Dave Lang

Dave Lang

Dave is a keyboard wizard and music technologist.

Picture of Richard Wilkinson

Richard Wilkinson

Richard is a music programmer working in the radio industry. He has loads of experience, having worked for BBC and Virgin Radio as well as having set up his own radio station.

Picture of Donna Dahl

Donna Dahl

Donna is a singer, songwriter and drummer. She has contributed an article about drum practice.

Picture of Cheryl Hodge

Cheryl Hodge

Cheryl is a professor teaching vocal performance as well as being a singer for her own music. Cheryl has written a number of vocal lessons for Songstuff visitors, as well as articles about the music industry.

Picture of Nigel Lawry

Nigel Lawry

Nigel is a lyricist. He has contributed a number of interviews with people working in music industry.

Picture of Dan Jacobs

Dan Jacobs

Dan is a highly experienced drummer. He has contributed a drum tutorials to our library.

Picture of Danny Arena

Danny Arena

Danny is a singer and has contributed articles on songwriting.

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