Music Portals

Music Portals

Songstuff maintains a number of music portals, brand pages on a number of networks. If you are a member of any of these networks, please support Songstuff and spread the word by adding the Songstuff portals as connections/friends and like /add/share/ re-tweet our articles, forums, posts and blog posts with your friends.

Social Media And Other Music Portals

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Songstuff Music Portals


Please follow our Facebook page.

Songstuff On Facebook

We maintain a music portal on Facebook. Visit our Songstuff Facebook Page


Please follow our X feeds.

Songstuff On X

Our primary X account. We promote our new articles, tutorials, features, tools and other site news on this feed. @Songstuff

We also have other dedicated channels:

Songstuff Vocal Coaching Academy

An up-coming feature comprised of video courses, a member club including blog and forums, workshops, podcast and 1 to 1 Skype lessons. @SVCA

Songstuff Music Marketing And Promotion

A new Twitter account focused on… dun, dun, dun, improving the awareness and adoption of good practise of music marketing and promotion activities. @SongstuffP

Songstuff Artists

A fan-facing Twitter feed, promoting staff playlists and interviews, audio and video. We feature the best of indie we can find on and off Songstuff. Please help us to support Independent Artists, by following our channels and sharing our posts. @SongstuffA


Please subscribe to our YouTube Channel. Feel the vibe, subscribe!


Our YouTube Portal has tutorial videos covering many music topics, plus videos created by the members of the Songstuff Music Community. Visit the Songstuff YouTube Channel

Songstuff Artists

A fan-facing YouTube Channel, hosting staff playlists promoting the best Independent music, and interviews with independent artists and songwriters. Songstuff – Artists  Channel


Please follow our Pinterest!


We have a broad range of boards on Pinterest including articles and resources for artists and writers, boards for fans covering photos of mainstream and independent celebrities. Songstuff on Pinterest


Please subscribe to our Instagram feed.

Songstuff Community On Instagram

Visit and subscribe to the Songstuff Community on Instagram. Songstuff Community.



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Songstuff On Soundcloud

We have recently launched a music portal on SoundCloud. We use this portal to feature Songstuff artists who have music listed on SoundCloud. Every month we feature a Songstuff staff selection of SoundCloud artists on our portal. Each month’s selection is made available as a playlist. You can hear our selections at the Songstuff SoundCloud Portal.


Don’t wait.

If you have questions – Songstuff has answers. Providing all of the above and much more.


Songstuff Media Player

If you would like to listen to some awesome indie music while you browse, just open our media player. It opens in another window (or tab) so your playlist can play uninterrupted as you browse.

Open the Songstuff Media Player.

Playlists are curated by SSUK for the Independent Music Stage and Songstuff.