Midi Information and Learning Articles

Midi Information and Learning Articles

MIDI Information

What is MIDI information? In the ever-evolving landscape of music production and technology, there exists a universal language that bridges the gap between musicians, instruments, and computers. This language, known as MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface), has played a pivotal role in shaping the way we create, perform, and experience music in the digital age. 

In 1983, the music industry was on the brink of a revolution. Until then, electronic musical instruments and computers spoke different languages, making it challenging for them to communicate effectively. Enter MIDI, a groundbreaking protocol designed to standardize this communication. MIDI was introduced as a means to facilitate the seamless exchange of musical information between various devices.

For decades, MIDI has been the key digital control interface for music-related devices. It is still a core part of both professional recording studios and home studios.

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At its core, MIDI is a series of digital messages that convey musical instructions. These messages encompass a wide range of information, including which notes are played, how long they are held, the velocity at which they are struck, and even control data for manipulating parameters like pitch bend, modulation, and expression. When a musician plays a MIDI-enabled instrument, such as a keyboard or drum controller, the instrument generates these messages and sends them to a MIDI-compatible device, often a computer or synthesizer.

One of the key distinctions of MIDI is that it does not transmit actual audio signals; instead, it conveys data about the music. Audio signals are not sent along MIDI cables, it is MIDI information (known as MIDI Data) that is transmitted from one place to another. This means that when you press a key on a MIDI keyboard, you’re not hearing a sound directly from that action. Instead, you’re sending a set of instructions that tell the receiving device how to create the sound based on its built-in sound libraries or software instruments.

A lot of modern music tech no longer solely relies upon the MIDI interface for control and data transmission. The MIDI In, MIDI Out and MIDI Thru ports of older devices have been replaced by USB connections. Most new devices offer both MIDI In and MIDI Out/Thru as well as a USB interface. Even so, the MIDI format is still a key part of your DAW (Digital Audio Workstation).

Songstuff provides more than MIDI tutorials and articles. It offers guides on topics related to music production, composition, and performance too.

Here at Songstuff we make MIDI information and learning in several ways. You can learn about MIDI, read tutorials, and learn how to start making music using hardware MIDI instruments and software. You also interact with other musicians in our Music Community.

MIDI Information - Articles and Tutorials

Our library includes MIDI information from the basic setup of a MIDI system, a breakdown of the MIDI message format, an overview of the MIDI interface, and a more advanced look at MIDI sync and its practical uses for synchronizing music equipment, such as a sequencer or DAW with an effects unit, a synthesizer, sampler or drum machine.

Although technical (pretty unavoidable) our articles try to logically break down the MIDI interface, the MIDI protocol, MIDI Networks, and basic usage of MIDI in the modern studio.

Although MIDI was originally implemented using dedicated MIDI ports and MIDI cables, modern music studios use MIDI across USB and using virtual connections.

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