Music Articles

Music Articles

Our music articles are dedicated to helping musicians, songwriters and lyricists with all aspects of their musical career. As a musician’s resource, we offer help with writing songs and music, and with helping songwriters exchange ideas with their fellow musicians, songwriters and lyric writers.

You can find details of how we directly support songwriters, bands and artists in the Useful Links section of this page.

Music Articles

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The music articles in our library are by songwriters, artists, marketers, PR agents, audio and mastering Engineers and music producers.

Let’s face it, modern songwriters and modern artists are expected to be jack-of-all-trades. Extra information from people with a lot of experience in these fields is always very useful!

Members of our music community are encouraged to read or watch our articles about music and the music industry. They can then discuss them with fellow members on our community forums.

This means that you will have access to people who are or have been at the top of their industry, giving you the biggest advantages possible. Information is king.

Music Interviews

Are you looking for music interviews?

You will find our collection of music related interviews on our music interviews hub page.

Content Requests

If you are looking for specific music articles that we do not yet have, please post your request to our site using the contact us form and mark your message with Content Request. Please include a itemised request detailing what you would like this new content to provide. Please also include an explanation of why you want us to create this piece of content. 

While we can’t guarantee to create the requested content, we will seriously consider adding it to our content creation queue to add to our on-site music articles, music blogs, tutorials or we might add it to our Songstuff Channel on YouTube.


Do you know other songwriters, musicians, artists or producers that might enjoy our articles? If you like our site, share links to our site with them. The more songwriters, and lyricists, and musicians, and bands, and producers who use our site, the more it benefits our community, the content we create, and ultimately it benefits you.

Useful Links

You might want to talk over something you read, a juicy bit of info you’ve picked up, some celebrity gossip or some insider story. Maybe you just want to talk to other music creators? Or chat with your fellow music fans? If so, please join our music community. Members and staff are friendly and welcoming.

Become A Contributor To The Songstuff Music Library

Contributors Wanted

Do you have experience working within the music industry? Perhaps you are skilled as an artist, an artist manager, being a session musician, or maybe you have experience in helping a band establish their brand? Would you be interested in helping your fellow musicians ad artists to build their skills and understanding by contributing demonstration videos, articles and tutorials to the Songstuff music library? We rely upon musicians, and people working within the music industry, being willing to contribute to our knowledge base.

As well as contributions to our music library, we feature contributions in our site blogs and social media portals. In particular, we add video contributions to the Songstuff Channel on YouTube.

Please contact us and we can explore the possibility of you joining our contributors asap.

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