Community member and moderator “Michan” is a Spanish singer and lyricist living in Japan.


I used to write lyrics and sing in a power-pop, pop-rock band here in Tokyo that has recently enter in hiatus. Currently I participate eventually in open mic sessions covering different songs with friends. Since I joined Songstuff, I started to collaborate on-line with different people, and I got many opportunities to make music of many different styles! And it has been amazing so far.  I am more focused in lyrics, vocal melodies and singing, since I have not enough experience for making my own instrumental tracks. But it’s also on the list! Thus, I have built up a very amateur recording studio at home, mainly for recording vocals, but also able to record musical instruments. I feel this is going to be a pleasant long journey, that I have just started.



Even in artistic activities give me the greatest pleasures, in terms of studies I have walked a “slightly” different path.

I am  PhD in Molecular and Cellular Biology, actually working as a Research Scientist in an institution dedicated the Neuroscience research. I have experience in performing activities in front of a crowd, and, because of job and also personality, I am good in making contacts and building up a network, what is being extremely useful for me when it comes to music making.



My main goals are keep learning about music production and industry. I would like to go through the whole process and end up releasing some songs in a professional manner. I would like to keep experimenting with different styles, and getting better in writing melodies and singing, and maybe, someday, even in producing some instrumental tracks by myself.  In the way, I am so happy to interact with other musicians and help as much as I can, to other like-minded people.


Further information:

I joined Songstuff in February 2019, and in May I became trainee moderator. I am happy to participate in Songstuff keeping the forum clean and organized, helping other users to feel welcomed and providing ideas and hands to improve the site and develop further the so many projects and ideas that are going on in the site apart from the forums.



I have started several collaboration projects that you can check in my Soundcloud page:


Twitter: @KireinaMichan

One of the most prevalent and undermentioned genres of music is what is known as noise. You can find it all over the world happening in basements, small venues and even some festivals. Often blown off or belittled by critics, the form for the most part goes unheard and unnoticed.”
  Henry Rollins