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As artists, we need listeners. If you are remotely ambitious, or you have a dream of being a music professional, you will need to find fans of your music. Even if you just want to grow an audience of people who like your music (a.k.a. fans) we all need to put our music in front of listeners if we hope to stand a chance of turning those listeners into fans.

Building your fan base takes hard work, creativity, intelligence, and good tools. Typically there are a lot of moving parts in a promotion campaign. That normally means a lot of time spent planning and preparing, just to get your music in front of people. Artists who don’t make the effort to find fans for their music are highly likely to be waiting a long time before they manage to build any kind of fan base, if they ever do.

Advertising is a vital tool in your music promotion toolkit. Where you can, advertising to genre specific listeners is important, but there are a number of criteria that can be used to target potential fans. For example, advertising to fans of independent music is a significant advantage for independent artists.

You may well have some of those parts in place. A few accounts set up and configured. Yet you need much more than just those parts. To do even the basics of music marketing will need something that pulls it all together. The Songstuff Indie subscription gives you that something and then some. It gives you the glue that sticks the parts and activities together arranging them into a working system. It gives you strategies going far beyond simple guerrilla tactics, taking you right to the cutting edge in terms of music marketing strategies and tactics.

You will learn the steps to grow your fanbase. You will have an overall strategy for releasing music and even better it’s largely built on a number of free resources.

The UIG gives artists some core concepts, outlines the basics of growing your fan base and gives you an overall strategy for music promotion. It also talks about automating this system to make it something the average indie can use.

Building Your Fanbase

By having a solid base to build upon, Indies can go beyond guerrilla strategies with the skills and assets to help them to achieve even better results. When you subscribe as a Songstuff Indie you will access training, like the Fan Friendly Journey and the Campaign Cookbook, and assets like the Songstuff Music Industry Contact Database.

Fan Friendly Journey

The Fan Friendly Journey describes building a relationship with your fans and creating a sales and marketing funnel to help move listeners through the stages of relationship as they move along the journey from strangers to super fans.

Campaign Cookbook

The Campaign Cookbook gives you professional marketing tactics organized into a collection of strategic campaigns. It includes a breakdown of the factors and results to be monitored to help you to make the most of your activities.

Songstuff Music Industry Contact Database

The Songstuff Music Industry Contact Database has contact details for almost 10,000 people and companies including record labels, PR companies, journalists, radio shows, music bloggers and much more.

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Why learn from Songstuff?

Songstuff has been helping independent writers and artists to create and make the most of their music for 20 years. Our community is built by musicians, for musicians. That’s not a meaningless claim. Our staff are all passionate music creators and we truly want to help.