Artist Interview Questions

Interview questions for artists featured by Songstuff

If you are reading this page you will most likely have been asked to participate in a 60 second interview for Songstuff or one of our sister sites, SsUK ( or IMS (

If you have NOT been asked to carry out a 60 second interview, please DO NOT SUBMIT one. Please follow any instructions given by your Songstuff staff contact.

We ask for you to pick questions that from the different sections below. Songstuff will use the answers to these questions within text, podcast audio, and video formats on Songstuff, Soundcloud and YouTube.

Podcast Studio with microphone, headphones and computer displaying an audio waveform


Remember you are trying to engage and entertain your audience and that your audience will vary.


  • Include 15 -20 seconds to introduce yourself and the interview.
  • 8 questions from Section 1
  • 1 question from Section 2
  • 1 question from Section 3
  • Read out, aloud,  each question, before giving your answer. 
  • Include 20-60 seconds after the interview to wind up.
  • If you have one, mention that your link tree url is in the video description (Supply it and we will add it).
  • Add your link tree url to your Songstuff Music Community “About Me” page.

You don’t have to, but if you want to say something nice about Songstuff or the Songstuff community, please do. All recommendations help us to build an active and engaged community, by attracting new members and keeping existing members involved. That, in turn, helps all our members! 

Please record your answers in the order of the sequence of the sections. 

Please send footage as a single video. This allows us to minimise the number of edits required.

Please follow the video submission guidelines as provided in the interview invitation message. 


  1. Be informative, but interviews are also meant to be interesting and entertaining.
  2. Talk to the camera. If there is more than one person being interviewed, talk to each other and the camera. Imagine you have just met an old friend and they are asking you questions. They are the camera.
  3. Try to enjoy the experience


Section 1

Section 2

Section 3

Where To Send Your Interview

Please upload your video, an audio feed of your video and text version of your questions and answers using the link to the Songstuff file transfer utility provided in the email from the Songstuff member of staff you have been dealing with.

Many thanks for taking the time to complete this interview!