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MIDI isn't just about what notes or sounds to play. There are occasions when MIDI machines need to synchronize timing. This article gives an overview of MIDI sync. MIDI Sync

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I joined this site originally as a shy songwriter and was very SCARED because song writing is SO personal for me. The moment I started posting, I got an overwhelming positive response helping me build my craft. Since then I have started a band with all original music and have the confidence to do this and try to take it all the way. I can really apreciate how the site is moderated because nothing turns into bashing or anything negative. They immediately put a stop to any hate going on. It’s Wonderful and has changed the way I take critique in such a positive way. If you are looking for that extra nudge to HELP you, then Join this site. Everybody is very VERY supportive. Thank you Songstuff!
Melody Beals

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