Wah Pedal (Wah Wah)
Guitar effect device where the frequency of a bandpass filter is varied using a foot pedal control, giving a distinctive ‘Wah Wah’ sound.

Unit of electrical power equal to 1 Joule per second.

Wave File
A wave file is a PC audio file format.

A waveform is the characteristic shape of a graphically displayed audio signal.

The distance over which a wave repeats itself exactly once.

Unit of magnetic flux.

Weighted Noise
Noise measured within the audio frequency range using a selective frequency measuring device.

White Noise
A random noise signal that has the same sound energy level at all frequencies.

Word Clock
The accurate timing of digital audio is critical to the synchronisation of interconnected digital audio equipment.

A ‘Word Clock’, or ‘Wordclock’, is the ‘metronome’ that controls digital audio timing. Tha word clock also identifies the start and end of each digital word or sample, and which channel (left or right) samples belong to.

Word Clock Sync
Clock source used by your audio interface to synchronize “words” of sample data.

Unwanted frequency modulation introduced by the recording/reproduction process. Normally Wow is used to describe frequencies between 0.1 Hz and 10 Hz.

The hardest part of playing is starting, getting up on stage and relaxing in the moment. Before you can share your music with others, you must reach for it inside yourself, in solitude. It is a form of meditation that sometimes takes many hours and sometimes comes in a flash. The transition from this solitary state to the arena of public performance is critical and takes practice. Access All Areas is not granted freely. This is the point of no return, of great stress and great joy.”
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