Nearfield monitors are designed for placement within a few feet of the listener. The idea behind these speakers is that the sound reaches your ears before it has time to interact with the surrounding environment. These speakers work well in tracking and mixing because of their accurate and flat sound.

Noise Gate
This is a device that allows the user to automatically fully attenuate or turn off an audio signal when it is below a preset threshold amplitude. Using a Noise Gate will reduce the noise contributed by an individual track to the over-all mix. See our article Gates, for a more detailed description, by following the link below.

Songstuff Gates Article

Non-Registered Parameter Numbers (NRPN)
These are undefined, assignable, MIDI Controller Numbers.

I believe its no good to talk about your songs; its wrong. You should leave your songs alone and let them say what they say; let people take what they want from them.”
  Paul Simon