Simon Darveau

Simon DarveauMedical representative by day, Simon is a singer songwriter, self taught guitar and piano player and wannabe sound engineer on his free time. He is currently building his home studio where he hopes he will  spend most of his time writing and producing his own music as well as collaborating with other artists in a near future.

This French Canadian (Montreal based) closet artist sees no limits to what can be achieved collectively through the Web. He is a proud member of a virtual international group (The Travelling Songstuffers) composed of Songstuff members and would eventually love to produce an ep featuring some of their work.


Simon Darveau on Songstuff

Simon Darveau on SoundCloud

He who makes a mistake is still our friend; He who adds to, or shortens, a melody is still our friend; But he who violates a rhythm unawares Can never be our friend.”
  Ishaq Ibn Ibrahim