Emily Anderson

Emily Anderson at Uncommon Ground

Singer/songwriter Emily Anderson plays piano and oboe, and sings like an angel. Her piano stylings are intricate and sophisticated, while her voice is mesmerizing and unique, with a child-like timbre. She has been compared to Kate Bush, Bjork, Tori Amos, Lana del Rey, and others.

Emily grew up in Illinois just South of Chicago. She participated in local festivals, school talent shows, and anything that involved music in school. She began playing piano at 8 years old and was writing songs at sixteen. She concentrated on Oboe Performance and obtained a Master’s Degree from the Conservatory of Music at the University of Cincinnati. Upon receiving her degree M.A. she decided it was time to pursue her dream of being a singer/songwriter. She currently resides in Chicago, Illinois where she continues to write and perform at local venues, while working at her office day job and spending time with her family. Apart from her solo songwriting project, she also collaborates with her band Dramaglider (dramaglider.comfacebook.com/dramaglider) and is writing and singing for a new duo project called Modern Wing (facebook.com/modernwing) among other various pop-up gigs.

Who are your main musical influences?

Tori Amos, Bjork, Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holiday, Elliot Smith, Bright Eyes, Fiona Apple, Radiohead

Which of your own songs is your favorite?

Sonnet. It’s a more recent one and I feel like it has the perfect blend sweetness and complexity. It has some borrowed elements from an early song of mine that I had put away, so it was nice to bring that one back out and re-write it into something more solid and (hopefully) timeless.

Emily Plays The Piano

What are your musical plans for 2017-2018?

I’ll be working mostly with my bands to get more music written, recorded, and submitted into catalogs for licensing. I hope to have an album’s worth of songs recorded for distribution for each band by the end of 2018, along with my own solo EP of 5 songs I’ve been trying to get professionally recorded.

If you could pass on a nugget of wisdom to the next musical generation, what would it be?

If you want to play music for a living, start early and don’t let yourself get sidetracked with other things. Life is fast and before you know it you’ll be in your 30’s wondering what happened to your 20s…that important decade is when you make a lot of important life decisions, and while it seems like it will last forever, it actually doesn't. Surprise!

Does being a member of Songstuff help you with your music?  

 Yes, immensely! I’ve gotten incredibly honest and detailed feedback that I haven’t found anywhere else. In my experience, family members and friends generally don’t have much constructive to say, because they don’t care or don’t want to hurt your feelings. I was able to use Songstuff to get valuable tips that have helped me expand my own skills, to know what works and what doesn’t, and to move forward from that. It has also helped me to listen better to other musicians. Part of the trade-off of joining Songstuff is that if you want constructive feedback, you need to listen and give valuable feedback to others. The reciprocity is incredibly valuable. I have learned not only from the feedback of others, but also from being compelled to construct my own feedback by listening better to detail and examining other people's music in a way I wouldn’t normally.