Emily Anderson

Emily Anderson

Emily Anderson at Uncommon Ground

Singer/songwriter Emily Anderson plays piano and oboe and sings like an angel. Her piano stylings are intricate and sophisticated, while her voice is mesmerizing and unique, with a child-like timbre. She has been compared to Kate Bush, Bjork, Tori Amos, Lana del Rey, and others.

Emily grew up in Illinois just South of Chicago. She participated in local festivals, school talent shows, and anything that involved music in school. She began playing the piano at 8 years old and was writing songs at sixteen. She concentrated on Oboe Performance and obtained a Master’s Degree from the Conservatory of Music at the University of Cincinnati. Upon receiving her degree M.A. she decided it was time to pursue her dream of being a singer/songwriter. She currently resides in Chicago, Illinois where she continues to write and perform at local venues while working at her office day job and spending time with her family. Apart from her solo songwriting project, she also collaborates with her band Dramaglider (dramaglider.comfacebook.com/dramaglider) and is writing and singing for a new duo project called Modern Wing (facebook.com/modernwing) among other various pop-up gigs.

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A lot of people ask me, 'How did you have the courage to walk up to record labels when you were 12 or 13 and jump right into the music industry?' It's because I knew I could never feel the kind of rejection that I felt in middle school. Because in the music industry, if they're gonna say no to you, at least they're gonna be polite about it.”
  Taylor Swift